Jack Wills OutletJack Wills is a British clothing brand aimed at well heeled university students. The first store was opened in Salcombe, Devon in 1999 but has expanded to include 37 stores across the UK, two of which are outlet stores.

There is an online outlet store, the Jack Wills Outlet, which is only available to a "limited number of the Jack Wills Community". Basically, this means that you have to subscribe to the waiting list on the outlet website, and wait for an invitation to join. I did this, and now I can buy previous season's Jack Will's clothing from the outlet site at discounted prices. However, membership is reviewed and access privileges may be revoked if you don't activate your account or buy anything.

Visit the Jack Wills Outlet. You won't be able to buy anything yet, but you can sign up to join the waiting list, and wait for an invitation.

Jack Wills Rugby ShirtThere is a Jack Wills Outlet at Bicester, if you live nearby this may be a more appealing option for you than waiting for an invitation to the online outlet store.

For ladies, Jack Wills sells hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, blazers, dresses, skirts, blouses, polo shirts, cardigans, jumpers, jeans, sweatpants, gym gear, loungwear, swimwear and accessories including bags, purses, belts, scarves and socks. You can even find wellies and sandals.

For gentlemen, Jack Wills sells hoodies, sweatshirts, rugby shirts, shorts, shirts, polos shirts, flat caps, bags, ties, blazers, jeans, footwear including high tops and wellies, gilets, cardigans, loungewear, swimshorts, t-shirts and socks.