Nike OutletNike are a multinational company based in Portland in the US, that manufacture trainers, sports shoes and sports wear for men, women and children.

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Nike was founded by Phil Knight and track coach Bill Bowerman in 1964. Originally, the company was called Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The Greek winged Goddess of Victory logo (the Nike swoosh) was introduced in 1971, followed in 1972 by the rebranding of BRS as Nike.

Did you know?

The name Nike comes from the Greek "Νίκη", pronounced [nǐːkɛː], who is the Greek Goddess of victory

nike swoosh logoNike owned brands include all of the following:

  • Nike Golf
  • Air Jordan
  • Umbro
  • Nike Skateboarding
  • Cole Haan
  • Hurley International
  • Converse

They have also trademarked the term"Just Do It" and the "Swoosh" that appears on their clothing.

Nike's product range includes a wide range of sports equipment and clothng. The first ever products that the company produced were running shoes. Now they make shoes and clothing for a wide range of sporting activities including track and field events, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, skateboarding, cricket and many more sports. Their new range of cricket shoes, called Air Zoom Yorker, have been designed so that they are 30% lighter than other shoes on the market.

Most recently, Nike collaborated with Apple (the computer manufacturer) to produce Nike+ - this is gizmo that monitors your running performance via a radio device in your running shoe that links to your iPod Nano.

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