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Reebok is a brand of trainers, sports equipment and sportswear. The brand was founded in 1895 by JW Foster adn Sons the the UK. The company first achieved success when they made sports shoes for the athletes taking part in the 1924 Olympic Games. Some time later, in 1958, two grandsons of the original founders founded a joint venture together, which they named Reebok.

The Reebok Outlet at Javari has a range of Reebok trainers for men, women and children and many of them are at reduced prices when compared to the original selling price. The range includes the Easytone Trend, Easytone Fusion, Verona Supreme, Easytone Reinspire, Reebok Evaluate and Reebok Kids Ultra Versaflex ranges, plus many more styles.

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Reebok merchandise is also available from Zalando, who offer an extensive range of trainers, including the Reebok Fabulista, Carston Mid, Nordic Quest GTX and Ultralite International trainers. Zalando also offer free delivery throughout the EU

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Did you know?

Reebok takes its name from "Rhebok", which is the name of an African antelope that is known for being a fast and skillful mover. However, Reebok trainers don't have to be worn solely for sporting activities - they make great and comfortable casual footwear for going for a walk or just have a stroll around the shops, and they add a sporty look to any casual ensemble.